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WeightView is the place to go for visualization of your weight loss goal. Providing a digital personalized tool that motivates people to achieve weight loss success through the generation of an image, WeightView shows what you might look if you lost 5, 10 or even 20 pounds. You can print out results of your WeightView image and post it in places that would further strengthen your resolve to lose weight. Images could be saved on your screen, pinned up on your wall, posted on the fridge and more.

WeightView is committed to providing the motivation and resolve required to enable you to succeed in your weight loss goals regardless of your diet program.


You simply need to send WeightView your photo, using the form here and within 48 hours, they will show you a picture of the slimmer, healthier you at your goal weight, free of cost.http://www.theweightlossproducts.com

The site has image results available for viewing as well.

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WeightView Community

128,316 people have already tried WeightView!

WeightView has an active community network where members can share weight loss goals and compare and contrast various diets. People can also share profiles, photos and experiences to help each other achieve their weight loss resolutions.


Tel: 866-W8T-VIEW (866-988-8439)


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Facebook Application

3188364f61a5caec6cea3db52bd7ee92.png: [}}} Facebook] Features of the WeightView Facebook application include:

  • Keeping track of your progress with daily entries of your weight loss journey
  • Uploading your weight loss progress photos
  • Creating a support group with other users of the application within Facebook for inspiration and motivation
  • Sending and receiving support gifts to other weight loss members on the WeightView application
  • Accruing points based on application engagement and using these points to receive real prizes!

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