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Is it really possible to have a dry baby using cloth diapers? Absolutely! In order to have a dry baby, two things are needed. First of all you need to have a diaper that's absorbent enough. If your baby is a real wetter, you'll need more absorbency, no questions asked! Second, you'll need a diaper cover that's not absorbent at all. If you've got a thin diaper and a good cover, it will still leak. On the other hand, if you've got a good diaper and a leaky cover your baby will be wet because the cover will absorb the urine also.

For a dry baby, it's a must to have both a good diaper on the inside and a good cover on the outside. Most parents who try cloth diapers give up after a short while because of having a leaky, wet baby and wet clothes and bedding.

If you have used, or are using cloth diapers purchased from a discount department store, chances are good that they aren't even 100% cotton. They are filled with polyester batting to make them seem thick and absorbent. The package will even sometime say something like: "to pull the wetness away from the baby". Since when has polyester batting been absorbent? Recently, while digging through my ragbag I found some of my original diapers. You know what? They don't even make good rags in comparison to my worn out Diaper Service diapers.

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