WebStack Corp is a web site design, development and hosting company that began in 2000. The company is owned by John Francis, an entreprenuer with 24 years in the advertising, marketing and Internet industries. WebStack was established to provide e-commerce services to manufacturers and their sales channel partners (distributors & dealers). WebStack develops e-commerce networks of a manufacturer's partners to facilitate the distribution and sales of products to end users. These products are typically replaceable or comsumable parts.

WebStack offers their services on a subscription basis in what is now known as a SaaS model (Software as a Service). This model saves smaller companies the large initial investment in software, infrastructure and network that typically burdens larger in-house programs.

WebStack's e-commerce services are offered on three different platforms, depending upon the needs of the partners. These are osCommerce (E-Commerce-in-the-Cloud), ProStores (ProstoreONE), and Business Catalyst (ReACTION).

Learn more at http://www.webstack.com

WebStack may be contacted by e-mail at or phone at 1-573-885-0771.

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