Step 1) Go to Yahoo! Tech, Step 2) Resize to 800×600, Step 3) Wow.

And here I thought I was a step ahead with my variable width layout. Yahoo! Tech’s animated resize for small browser sizes is over the top — but in a good, useful way. Great feedback for the user. (via joshuaink)

Fakeburner: How to fake your Feedburner subscriber numbers

It seems to be fixed now but evidently Netvibes is the reason blogs like TechCrunch and 37signals had almost doubled their Feedburner feed readership numbers these last few days.

It got me thinking, how long until people start creating fake Feedburner graphics with falsely inflated feed readership numbers in them just to enhance their made up “influence”? Since Feedburner doesn’t display the number on the feed page itself, there’d be no way to easily verify whether it was accurate or not.

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