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WeatherChannel.jpg is a website of The Weather Channel company which is owned by Landmark Communications. On the internet it's one of the ultimate sources that provide you with both national and international weather conditions. The company possesses state of the art forecasting technology and has over 120 expert meteorologists.

Due to 7 days a week, 24 hours a day expert forecasts and timely current conditions it has become a top rated online weather information and news site. Plan ahead, for a perfect vacation, a honeymoon or home improvement through hour-by-hour, weekly or monthly weather forecasts.

Easy Forecast Access provides a very easy way of finding the weather forecast of thousands of locations worldwide. Right on the home page or any other page you can simply place your zip code or local and international city name in the local weather search box and you will be directed to a detailed weather information page. Check current and yesterday’s weather, hour-by-hour weather changes, weekend and 10 day weather forecasts or monthly weather conditions of the location you have searched.

The Map Room

You can also view satellite imagery to see the cloud and wind chill patterns, current temperatures and rain/snow forecasts throughout the states. The map room is very easy to navigate with two simple steps to follow. In step 1 select the map type such as outdoor activities, health related or weather details including radar maps, weekly planner and in step 2 choose the appropriate option under each main category to receive a satellite image of your location or any location around the globe. There are instructions below each image on how to read the maps enhancing the usability of this website feature.

News: News Centre

The news centre provides both text and video content detailing national weather forecasts, storm watches, hurricane news and an interactive blog. The storm watch sections tracks the current headings of any storm in the region. The hurricane central provides information on the hurricanes and the blog has comments of experts providing vital information on tornadoes, droughts and other weather related affects throughout the states and other parts of the world.

Video and Picture Section

In the video on demand section you can view weather footage; user posted weather clippings and can also submit your own video of related weather content. The photo galleries provide you with daily weather pictures and galleries. Here you can submit your own picture as well. Weather Forecasts Where Ever You Are

You can also download a desktop utility for free and receive weather information and alerts on your desktop.’s utility doesn’t stop here. Its mobile service allows you to access weather forecasts on your web enabled cell phones where ever you are in the world.

A Comprehensive Information Site

Weather forecasting is one aspect of It also presents a complete planner for vacations, weddings, and traveling, health, home and sport activities. You can find out snow conditions at skiing resorts, house rentals at vacation spots, airports, schools, or even event venues around your location. You will also fine fitness guides, skin protection information, health news, picnic and other outdoor activity planning advices.


You can have a customized page with your locations weather watch and warnings shown to you upfront. The Gold account allows you to have no ads and faster and accurate radar maps of your exact location. Signing up is very easy. Simply click the customize link and follow the instructions to create a customized page for your personal account.


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