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WWE is one of the largest professional wrestling companies of the world. WWE.com is their official website. There are many sections on the website including shows, profiles of superstars, schedules and a shop where they sell new and used items of wrestlers and related to wrestling. On main page you can find latest news with links of details to each and ads of their own pages and shop. The site is based on the companies three primary television brands Raw, Smackdown and Newest Extreme Championship Wrestling.

TV Shows

This section is based mainly on the three television brands of the WWE, Raw, Smackdown, ECW And WWE Superstars. It provides information, photos and videos of the weekly shows and other information. It also houses Online show WWE Heat, and other recap shows for the three WWE brands. It also contains information on the upcoming and past Pay-Per-Views, which are a intergal part of the company. These include Wrestlemania, Summerslam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, and Armaggedon.


This is the section where you can find all the pictures, videos and others information. This section is further categorized by the weekly shows. There is a divas section also which has information about all the divas of WWE. You can watch pictures and videos of all your favorite superstars including their entrance and famous match videos.


In this section you can find the exact time and date of your favorite shows according to your country.

Play and Win

You have got a chance to win in this section. There are guess games, puzzles and other games in which you can play and win different prizes. Just find the game that you like and try your luck. If you win you’ll get a prize stated with the game.

WWE Universe

This was the community section which featured the WWE chat and byte this. WWE Universe replaced the section where users could sign up and chat with WWE fans and also leave WWE Superstars comments and you can also chat in the forums and give many other WWE fans your opinions.

Inside WWE

Here you can find news, power 25, specialty matches, commentaries, title histories and many other things from the past and the present. In power 25 you can find out about the top 25 superstars of the sports entertainment. wwe egypt manager Remon Refaat


There is a complete shop on WWE.com which has got all the products related to wrestling and wrestlers. You can find and buy online and products will be delivered right to your door step. There is an auction section in which you can bid for special items like wrestlers used clothes, chair and many more.

WWE Worldwide

As WWE is watched all around the world so there is an information section about the WWE specific to different countries. You can get all the news about WWE related to your country in this section.


In this part of the website you can search and subscribe for the service that you want. It can be a complete pay-per-view or just a match, a web cast or a complete channel. Yes it can be a complete channel as WWE has got its own channel named as “WWE 24/7”. on jan 1 o8 will be wwes last nite on wrestling


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Dilldogs's Comments on WWE.com

  • Dilldogs (frusterated) : The WWE is one of the biggest wrestling org in the world today and thats why they look down on the little guy. The Raw Fan Nation board was a great site but the WWE thought they could start grabbing the internet website on prowrestling and they started with that one. they took over most wrestling orgs because Vince does not like competition. I was a member of The Raw Fan Nation and the original owner treated me with respect, WIll Vince do that NO! 16:09, 15 April 2008 (PDT)

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