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World Conference of Associations of Theological Institutions (WOCATI)


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A global network to serve, support, and enhance theological education around the globe.

WOCATI Purposes

  • To provide an established and continuing forum for members to confer concerning matters of common interest related to theological education;
  • To consider and promote relations of member associations to one another, to other educational organizations and units throughout the world, to appropriate ecclesiastical agencies as they relate to theological education, and to other bodies as may be relevant;
  • To identify and advocate excellence in theological education and ministerial practice and to encourage full compliance with the standards and purposes as established by the member institutions;
  • To provide leadership and understanding of the purposes, role and needs of theological education in the following ways:
  • By cultivating a broad and informed understanding of theoloigcal education;
  • By serving as an advocate locally and globally for theological education and its implications for church, society and education in general;
  • By interacting with other appropriate agencies and groups;

To provide services to member associations in the following ways:

  • By facilitating co-operation and co-ordination among associations;
  • By gathering, maintaining and sharing information and resources that will facilitate the work of member associations;
  • By encouraging, sponsoring and conducting research on theological education and related matters;
  • By enabling and supporting member associations in implementing standards, policies and procedures by which they may best serve their constituencies;
  • By assisting and guiding the establishment of procedures and criteria for equivalency of academic diplomas and degrees awarded by the institutions in the different regions;
  • By being instrumental in identifying resources for the development of the global nature and implications of theological education;
  • To promote the improvement and advancement of theological education in such ways as may be appropriate.


Theological education is a worldwide enterprise fundamental to the mission of the church. In its most immediate and concrete forms theological education is shaped by the religious, educational, social, political and historical traditions within which it exists. Theological education is carried out in a world which is increasingly being made aware of its interdependence and religious pluralism. read more

WOCATI publications

"Challenges and Promises of Quality Assurance in Theological Education: Multicontextual and Ecumenical Inquires" - 'By WOCATI Contributions By: David Esterline, Dietrich Werner, Isabel Apawo Phiri, John Gichimu, Lester Edwin J. Ruiz, Namsoon Kang, Petros Vassiliadis, Priscille Djomhoue, Ravi Tiwari, Reinhold Bernhardt, & Simon K. Dossou


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