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In this plethora of banks waiting to make you their customer, how do you make a judicious choice in which one is right for you? Having a supportive bank that is not driven by purely monetary considerations is crucial. WAMU.com provides a unique difference in banking experience. WAMU as an acronym stands for Washington Mutual. They provide a range of services ranging from retail banking and financial services, home loans, commercial banking and card services.


Washington Mutual has been established and recognized as America’s leading financial services group. The company was set up in early September 25th 1889 and at that time was known as Washington National Building Loan and Investment Association. From then on it progressed from being an investment firm to an innovator when it launched its first ever shared cash machine network (The Exchange) in 1974. After this, in around 1983 the company went public thereby raising approximately 72 million USD. Over the years, Washington Mutual has moved from strength to strength and today in addition to providing financial services, it is also serving communities it supports. Recently, they announced the launch of a separate segment called Community Commitment which is geared to be a 10 year plan worth approximately 375 billion USD. This will primarily target areas such as home loans, affordable houses, manufactured or mobile home sites, community investment and development.

Core Competencies

WAMU’s core competencies span a range of segments such as:

  • Retail banking and financial services – These encompass checking accounts to online banking, personal loans, retail banking products and services being provided to consumers. This segment also provides services to the small businesses with assistance in payroll, cash management, retirement planning etc.
  • Home loans – WAMU covers the entire spectrum of the Mortgage lending chain including sales, origination, processing and servicing, as well as Capital Markets. They provide fixed as well as adjustable rate home loans, hybrid varieties, government insured or guaranteed home loans etc.
  • Commercial group – These cater to multiple segments such as:
    • Multifamily lending – Fixed and adjustable financial products to multiple family properties
    • Commercial real estate – Helps provide construction, acquisition, rehab and term financing for office, retail as well as industrial properties. They also help newly constructed multifamily properties.
    • Community lending and investment – These are programs geared for multifamily community lending and investment as per the Community Reinvestment Act.
    • Mortgage Banker Finance – Provides credit to residential mortgage loans, early purchase facilities and deposit as well as treasury management products and services.
  • Card services – This line of business of WAMU provides credit cards to middle market consumers. The credit cards are issued through the Washington Mutual Bank. WAMU entered into the credit card segment via acquiring Providian Financial, which was based out of San Francisco.

Business areas

WAMU provides several services ranging from providing a variety of account choices, loans and credit, miscellaneous services and a business planning center to help optimize business opportunities.

Account choices

WAMU’s account choices range from checking accounts, savings accounts, account extras as well as special business packages.

Loans and Credit

WAMU offers loans in the business real estate. It also offers lines of credit and credit cards too.


WAMU’s services range from Merchant payments, Payroll, Retirement planning, Tax payments, Letters of credit, as well as ACH fraud protection.

Business Planning Center

WAMU’s business planning center is aimed at helping all entrepreneurs and seasoned business persons to leverage information to help them start a new venture, expand their existing business or even sell it to a preferred third party. With easy searchability via topics or the current state of the business, it’s easy to get highly relevant information that meets your expectations. Their partnership with Nolo which is the America’s leading provider of legal solutions that you can perform by yourself, has ensured a comprehensive coverage of all information that an enterprising business person can use to further the business.

With features such as tax planning, flexibility for you to switch banks, as well as transforming all your banking transactions to make them online, WAMU truly provides information any business would find useful.

Customized Products

The differentiating factor of WAMU that has led it to become the leading financial institution in America, is its ability to customize its products and offerings to suit every type of individual ranging from a student to a single parent, couples, families who have children of their own, people who have already retired as well as those approaching it, as well as entrepreneurs. In addition to this, WAMU also provides investment services, insurance and 1031 exchange services.

Caring for the Environment

The good thing about WAMU is that it supports communities in many ways. While on one hand it helps provide flexible financing options to people across all ages and cultures, it also helps the environment. WAMU encourages customers to sign up for online statements and in turn promises to plan a tree each time you sign up for it! This is a great way to make planet earth a better place to live in!




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