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The Volunteer Railroaders Association aka VRA is a non-profit group who's heart is into running passenger trains and operating motor cars. Check the Important Dates for our currently running trips. We own and operate 4 motor cars, including a one of a kind Lehigh and New England Sheffield 40B. We operate them for the enjoyment of our members and the public.

Our slogan - "So close, only the paycheck is missing."

Each year we run several Easter Bunny Trains and Santa Trains rides. They are fund raising events to help to create a NJ State Transportation Museum. These holiday decorated trains are pleasant family fun with the little ones enjoying the most! These events combine the mystery, history and love of the American railroad and the thrill of "riding the rails" with the magic of celebrating the holidays. The main characters stroll from car to car of the trains to surprise and delight the children while they visit with them and their families. So while you are enjoying a great day out on the rails with the kids you will also be helping to preserve New Jersey’s rich transportation history for generations to come.

The Bergen County trains depart the Glen Rock Borough Hall NJ Transit station. In northwestern Morris county the rides are from the Mountain View station in Wayne NJ.

These trips were well received and they may be repeated. Everyone plenty of time to enjoy the festivities on their train. NJ Transit is the equipment provider, ensuring that the cars will be warm, dry and comfortable.

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VRA core values

Our mission is to raise funds for the restoration and preservation of and awareness about historic railroad right of way, rolling stock and other related items. Also to educate the public through our many events about the history and future need for railroad operations.

As a group we get involved in the operation of all sorts of railroad related projects. We run passenger trains, own and operate four motor cars and lease and maintain the historic New York Susquehanna & Western Railroad Hawthorne New Jersey station. We are heavily involved in the creation of the future New Jersey Transportation Museum through our membership in the NJ based United Railroad Historical Society. We ask that our members get involved.

Membership info

If you feel strongly about railroad historical preservation and restoration please get involved with our volunteer group, membership is only $20 per year! We get dirty, we get tired, we have fun. We have quarterly members meetings at the St. Clements Church, which is just down the street from Hawthorne NJ NYS&W railroad station.

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