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Voices.com: Find the voice that says it for you

The human voice is a powerful and unique tool for engaging attention, delivering information, and establishing your organization's brand identity. As the No. 1 online marketplace for voice talent, Voices.com connects global clients seeking voiceover services with seasoned professional voice actors around the world.

Connecting clients with voices -- A community of thousands

The Voices.com community today includes more than 100,000 people seeking voice talent or offering voiceover services. Clients using Voices.com to post jobs and find voice talent include:

  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Start-ups and small businesses
  • Advertising agencies
  • Radio and television stations
  • Audio book publishers
  • Film and documentary producers
  • Game and animation companies

Voices.com is proud to be a voiceover resource for industry leaders in animation, film, television, high technology and manufacturing:

Voice talent for every need

A professional voice actor can lend the desired tone to almost any voice job:

  • Recorded business presentations and voice messaging systems
  • Scripted radio spots and television commercials
  • Audio books, films and documentaries
  • Voices of animated characters in games and other new media
  • Voice for e-learning software

Voices.com: The right voice for the job

Voices.com clients can quickly post jobs, receive bids, and compare voice samples from professional voice actors. Clients can then choose the best voice and bid for their needs.

Anyone can search for voice talent on Voices.com. With more than 60,000 voice samples to choose from, visitors simply use keywords to search for voice actors whose experience, style, and voice match their need.

Because Voices.com represents voice talent from around the world, it is easy to to find the right voice to deliver a message, character, or narrative in almost any language, dialect, or accent.

I've used Voices.com for several projects and am pleasantly surprised with the speed of completion and response from the voice talent every time.Tony Gordon, Virsitil.com

Finding voiceover jobs at Voices.com

Voices.com is the leading online marketplace for voice actors and voiceover talent, and a valuable resource for more than 25,000 professional voice actors worldwide. Nearly 7,000 new voice job opportunities are available on Voices.com every month.

Following registration at Voices.com, a voice actor uploads samples in MP3 format and fills out a profile describing his or her professional voice experience.

Registered voice actors can view incoming jobs, audition for them, submit bids, and get paid on Voices.com.

The work just comes to you. How easy is that!

Diane Lyn, premium member

Thanks for the gigs -- I've already paid my membership fees and made a profit in just three weeks!

John Garrett, premium member

A voice in every language

Voice work in almost any language can be sourced at Voices.com. Voice actors registered on the website can speak more than 100 languages and dialects with complete fluency.

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