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Vigoro offers a wide range of value priced lawn and garden products with premium performance, including general use lawn and garden fertilizers and specialized formulations for specific grass types and regions. Vigoro fertilizers feature Polyon timed-release nitrogen that provides and even, consistent feeding that adjusts to your soil temperature to provide just the right amount of nutrients at just the right time. In addition Vigoro manufactures granular insect control and weed control products as well as weed stopping mulch and seed starting mulch. Vigoro carries a variety of grass seeds that provide different regional blends that are made specifically for different parts of the country. Vigoro can be found only at The Home Depot throughout the U.S.A. Vigoro is for everything you grow.




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Linda Adkins's Comments on

  • Linda Adkins (frustrated) : I purchased 10 bags of Vigoro rubber "red" mulch. I needed more so returned and purchased 4 more bags. I was highly upset when I added these four bags and found that the "red" mulch was half black and a lot was fused together in large clumps. I made my purchase at Home Depot. Now we have to either cover up the mess and try to pick out the black , which will be virtually impossible. Please help. Thanks, Linda and Don Adkins 11:51, 1 June 2008 (PDT)

Sharon Ramsey's Comments on

  • Sharon Ramsey (frustrated) : I was thrilled that someone has found a helpful solution to old tires. In that you have made great progress and are greatly appreciated. But, (here it comes) after purchasing over thirty bags of this wonderful product, I noticed that the bags, their self, are not recyclable. Doesn't that defeat the purpose?. Thank You. Sharon Ramsey.

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