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About Vertical Measures

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Vertical Measures specializes in promoting websites within their appropriate demographic groups using proven tools, services, and strategies to deliver results:

  • Increased traffic
  • Higher search engine rankings
  • Increased qualified leads

Vertical Measures owns and operates several business websites in various market segments. With their portfolio of online properties, they are dedicated to providing clients with intelligent Internet marketing solutions that target key demographics while reducing cost per lead effort. Vertical Measures proudly assists vertical markets in the Automotive, Educational, and Residential sectors to achieve their goals. They provide full service methods that produce exceptional exposure for businesses and organizations of any size.

Services and Products

By making available a wide range of tools and services, Vertical Measures extends their clients' reach and produces results that provide immeasurable advantages for success. Some of the services they specialize in offering are as follows:

  • Top quality link building services deliver high search engine rankings, focusing on one-way link building from authoritative, relevant, industry leading websites and offer Contextual/Custom link building expertise. In addition to this, Vertical Measures also offers Article & Press Release marketing services and Directory Placement service links, both designed to drive traffic.
  • Website promotional services that include dedicated campaigns designed to produce optimal results. They distribute expertly written articles and fresh Press Releases to hundreds of solid online sources, and submit them to some of the most well established syndication resources available.
  • Branding and communication for Social Media marketing campaigns that drive potential prospects and customers to client’s sites via FaceBook, YouTube, Flickr, Squidoo, etc. Moreover, incorporation of unique blogs, video and viral marketing techniques achieves effective leveraging.
  • Quality keyword search, analysis resources, and various tools provide customers with the ability to analyze popular keyword search terms and utilize them to optimum effect.


With over 40 years of combined expertise in the information technology field, Mr. Kuenn and his dedicated team of professionals consistently produce original, specialized solutions for major ecommerce vendors, Universities, Career colleges and SEO agencies nationwide, that never fail to go beyond the expected.




4545 East Shea Blvd Ste. 200
Phoenix, AZ 85028

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