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About Vermont Woods Studios

Vermont Woods Studios is not the typical chain furniture store. It is a small group of gifted individuals, who are passionate wood crafters inspired by the magical green mountains in their state. They each share a love for the beauty of handmade, quality wood furniture at an affordable price.

By coming together under one roof, they are allowed a unique opportunity, which might otherwise not have been possible. Each piece is handcrafted, usually by just one craftsman, sometimes accompanied by a family member or qualified apprentice who shares their love and passion for quality.

How did the studio get started

Peggy Farabaugh, the owner of, was teaching on-line courses at Tulane University in New Orleans, but after Katrina she and many others were laid off. She wanted to continue educating people about the environment, and so decided to focus on local, sustainable, green furniture. She uses the company as a way to promote, market and educate people about these practices.

Furniture sets such as bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, office furniture, shelves, end tables, chairs, sofa tables, settees, as well as single pieces are available online and at small furniture studios. One of the best features is that shipping is included in the price and volume discounts are available. Visit their website to find the perfect piece of wood furniture that is crafted to last a lifetime.

Customize Your Options

Every piece is made to order from the available options that include eco-friendly, natural cherry, maple, oak and walnut. For a minimal charge, sometimes no charge, the hardware, dimensions, or styling can be altered to fit nicely with the existing decor of a home. Each piece comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Check out the sales page to see select items on seasonal discount prices. The items on sale are not limited to just everyday use but also include luxury and highend crafted furniture.


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"I rated you all 5's (Excellent) on Quality of Product, Ease of Ordering, Shipping and Delivery and Price--which was better than what I would have paid locally. Thank you!!"

N Erdem

"Dan – just a quick note to say THANK YOU for the beautiful job you and your team did on my desk. Every day I get at least half a dozen compliments on it. It truly is a work of art. Thank you for your creative vision, craftsmanship and attention to detail. I will cherish this desk..."

Lesley B.


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Additional Information

Making Green, FSC Certified Wood Furniture More Affordable
As a founding member of Sustainable Furniture Council, Vermont Woods Studio works together to promote forest stewardship and environmental preservation.

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