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In 1949, returning WWII veteran Bert Van Dyke started a supply company in his basement after recognizing the shortage of quality taxidermy supplies then available to both amateur and professional taxidermists. Over the ensuing decades, Van Dyke's has grown into a major manufacturing facility producing industry leading and award winning products in wood, foam, chemicals and glass eyes. Besides the manufacturing of these fine products, Van Dyke's continues to be a leading and complete supply house containing all the items necessary for the completion of any taxidermy project.

In 1995, Cabela's Inc. purchased Van Dyke's Supply Co. this purchase lead to increased improvements in both the manufacturing and distribution with the addition of a new 150,000 square foot state of the art facility. Over 200 dedicated employees are commited to providing you with the finest quality, selection and services in today's taxidermy supply industry.

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Cabela's Inc
Sidney CA
United States

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