Vanmark Corp.- Commercial / industrial food processing equipment, peelers, washers, and scrubbers


In the early 1950's, a Creston, Iowa restaurant operator developed and patented a mechanical potato peeler. The peeler's purpose was to ease the work involved in peeling vegetables for the restaurant business.

In 1954, Veg-A-Peel Company was incorporated when three interests merged: the restaurant operator with his peeler, local investors, and the potato chip manufacturers with their need for a better mechanical means for peeling large quantities of potatoes. The original peeler was expanded for use in the potato chip industry. Soon after the Model 96 Peeler, capable of peeling 2 1/2 tons of potatoes per hour continuously, became a reality. It then became obvious a need existed for other machinery to compliment the peeler. Veg-A-Peel designed and began to manufacture hoppers, elevators, and conveying systems.

Veg-A-Peel's continued growth in the 50's and 60's fostered a company name change to better describe our capabilities; in 1964 we became Vanmark Corporation. This growth brought several additions to our original building and then the need for a totally new facility. In 1979 we completed construction of a 58,000 sq. ft. building in the Creston Industrial Park. In 1988 we added a 3,400 sq. ft. addition to the corporate headquarters.

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