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You might have switched to smoking electronic cigarettes recently or you’ve been using them for quite some time now. Irrespective of the length of time you’ve been on electronic cigarettes or e-cigs as they’re more popularly known, you’re much better off using them rather than taking the deadly puffs from those tobacco filled sticks that apparently look so harmless. Those who’re are still addicted to smoking the traditional cigarettes have many reasons to make the switchover and go digital i.e. take up e-cigs.

Firstly, you don’t inhale toxic smoke containing tar, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and thousands of other poisonous chemicals. Secondly, your family members and office colleagues are relieved from passive smoking. And finally, you end up saving a lot of money as e-cigs are cheaper than conventional cigarettes, as a whole. And if you’re in a quandary about which brand of e-cig to go for, then you don’t have to look beyond V2 e-cigs. And with v2 cigs coupons in tow, you can stock up on the accessories that’ll last for quite some time. Get upto 40% off on V2 products by redeeming V2 vouchers and coupons.


It is indisputably the best brand of electronic cigarette available readily both online and offline. Not only they’re spectacularly designed, they’re also great value for money. V2 is the only brand of e-cig that has a two-piece set-the disposable cartridge and the battery-that makes for convenient use. You just need to screw the flavor cartridge to the battery to get going. The dual piece contraption also ensures that you get more out of every drag. The exhilarating feeling that you have when you see the aromatic vapors wafting its way up languorously is simply incomparable.

With V2 cigs, you do away with any sort of clean-up or maintenance completely as the flavored cartridges is disposable. So, once a cartridge is exhausted, you replace it with a new one. And then you’ve got ten exciting flavors to choose from including cola, coffee, menthol, peppermint, mint, cherry and cola. Then there are three special flavors-Red, Congress, and Sahara-that you can try for a change.

And if these are not enough, you can create a flavor yourself and V2 will deliver the customized cartridge for your next order. The e-cig models are also customizable as you get to choose from manual and automatic batteries. You also have 9 different models to choose from each with its exclusive set of starter kit consisting of a battery, atomizer and cartridges. The entry level model of V2 is the cheapest amongst entry level models of other brands. And apart from the official site, there are numerous online sites that list v2 cigs coupons regularly. Once you start using V2 e-cigs you’ll feel like switching to other brand

More than 90% of the customers of V2 have remained steadfast. This definitely goes on to prove that they’re simply hooked to the brand. And once you sign up to receive the newsletter of V2, you keep on receiving coupons that help you to save money. There is one site that claims that V2 is offering 25% discount via their online store on all its products. You just need to use the v2 cigs coupons. It also claims that V2 is offering everybody a chance to enter a sweepstakes where one can win a gift voucher of $500.00.


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