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Sharon Artsie_ladie Donnelly
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My website is:

For information about me, see: On this web page, I have just about everything listed that I don't mind anyone knowing about me. I set it up, so I wouldn't have to re-write an "about me" when I join a site.

Also on this webpage of mine, I have listed almost all of my 'online places', including on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (because I've been bitten by the Twitter Bug! lol), and I am also a "Google Geek", love Google!

Just for very basic info about me, I am an artist in both traditional and computer graphics' mediums. I am also a writer, some story writing, but mostly I am a poet. I love animals, especially horses, and I have had my own business of taking care of people's pets for many years. I have done a considerable amount of volunteer work with pet rescue groups, local schools, youth groups, and with the art council/guild. I have been an active pet rescue person for many years, actively and mostly primarily responsible for the placement of over 500 pets into new, good, and permanent homes.

My website is quite new and I'm a complete newbie in my knowledge about web pages, but I'm trying to learn all I can on web page design, including HTML, CSS, RSS, and all the rest that goes with this venture. I also work with dial-up, so the going is much slower than I'd like. Someday, hopefully soon, I'll be able to get a faster connection speed.

Ok, this is it for now, except for a warm hello to everyone. :)

Thank you Kristina! :)