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Paul Bunton is the founder and President of BCA Architects – A San Jose based company with sole objective of client’s satisfaction whether its related to design of new building, to help define partnerships, to locate financing, save energy or to present alternate solutions for given problem.

The leader in the industry of architecture for the past 25 years. As the founder and president of BCA Architects, he has focused on building in the education and community sectors. As a highly successful architect, Bunton knows what it takes to succeed in the architecture industry. With these tips from Paul, you too can begin your successful architecture career.

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Paul Bunton has spent the past 25 years working with educational institutions. The architect has built more than 60 public school systems in California, bringing updated classrooms with new technology to students. In fact, Bunton recently revealed BCA Architects’ 21st century classroom, a classroom that incorporates advanced technology to help students learn better and succeed. Paul Bunton believes that technology is the future of education because it levels the playing field amongst students and drives them toward success.

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"After a widespread architectural selection process across Central Valley, BCA Architects was one of two firms selected by the Weaver School District to lead the implementation of the district’s long range facilities master plan. The initial projects will consist of a new 800-student elementary school and the modernization of their existing schools. The AIA, President of BCA Architects stated that “I am thrilled the Weaver School District selected us. We are excited to share our over 23 years of award-winning educational design experience with this great community.”"

"Technology is an inherent part of today's education, but integrating it into the classroom is not always easy. Teachers and students alike must be able to visualize the potential of certain key pieces of technology in order to successfully integrate and use them in the classroom. This is where Paul Bunton and his team of architects at BCA Architects have bridged the gap by providing a 21st Century demonstration classroom as a space for teachers, students and others to interact with educational technology."