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New Zealand Photo Art was founded by Jaco de Wet. Its aim is to help all types of businesses and industries to convey their message with high-definition photos of their products, as well as professionally designed advertising material. Jaco’s creative and stimulating images play a dynamic role in the success of his clients’ businesses. For more than 25 years, Jaco has been committed to capturing images with a sense of honesty and creativity.

Why have Jaco specialised in product photography?

Jaco’s first interest in macro photography began in the early 1980’s, and really took off in 1982, when he bought his “King Bellows” macro photography system for his SLR camera. He was fascinated by the detail this system brought, which led to his interest in microscope photography. He mounted his SLR camera on large microscopes to capture images which were invisible to the naked eye. These microscopes had sophisticated light source systems, like light temperature features and colour correction filters. The importance of lighting objects in microscope photography forced him to master this art of using lights effectively, which fuelled his interest in still-life photography. Still-life photography is a fascinating genre which requires high professionalism from an artist, and this challenge gave Jaco more valuable experience. He used a large variety of light sources, like candle-light, moon light and light streaming, to give emotion, as well as the right mood and atmosphere to still-life images.