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Kamanashish Roy is also known as @doubts. He is a blogger and co-founder of WebReps (visit) and now works as a web business consultant at WebPrachar (visit). By the way, do you need a website to add here?

He specializes in SEO, SEM, Social media marketing, content and UI design.

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Your domain name is your online brand

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He is a regular Theater worker and translator; some of his passions are Creative Photography, Reading (selective) and Blogging.

He loves interacting with people from different social orders to understand different levels of communication process. He believes in Interactive Content – where reader and writer both share the same platform and even exchange their respective positions. To add to this, he loves to be present in various genres of performing arts to understand the interactive process involved.

He is a simple human being – simply ready to take challenges.


You can mail him at hello(at) or roy (at) or call him at +91-9836370370

You can also leave him a message on his talk page.