What's Pinterest and the best way to benefit from it

Can you picture an online bulletin board that you consolidate images from round the web in a very single spot? Imagine you get a limitless variety of boards which you can name and organize however you like. And what if you could share those boards along with other people, check what your pals pin with their boards, and comment and share images you like? Wouldn't that be awesome?

Well, that's Pinterest!

Not only is it possible to pin things you find, you are able to also RE-pin things other people find. It opens up a world of connecting and achieving inspired via images. Very cool for visual-types like us scrapbookers, eh?

Here are a few of the best ways to utilize Pinterst for scrapbooking:

1. Just one place to hold all of my online inspiration. Rather than having to jump from blog to blog to how do people gallery to Flickr and back again, I can hold all my online images in one spot. Every card, every layout, every mini-album might be in a convenient spot. And yes, I'm able to tag them so they're searchable, or create separate boards per sub-category. Hurray!

2. A great strategy to track color inspiration. I enjoy finding unique and uncommon color combos, from paint swatches to fabrics. I pin these all to a single board I call "Color Inspiration." When I'm feeling dry or tired from the same old colors, I will please take a quick glance through my pinned inspiration and discover something to jumpstart my creative juices.

3. An interactive wish list. How often does one cruise in regards to the web and encounter something you would like to purchase with a future time (or like your spouse to purchase for you?). Not EVERYTHING inside world reaches Amazon. Congratulations, you can create a visual wish list you are able to give friends and family, or use to treat yourself when your tax return comes. Eat your heart out, Oprah's Favorite Things!

4. A set of "To Do" items. I have got more tutorials and craft ideas than I could ever complete, even only were to retire tomorrow. Saving them as browser bookmarks or printing them out and filing them isn't very efficient, but saving them on a Pinterest board is PERFECT. When We have some time, I could peruse my board and pick out a tutorial to try. I'm able to even upload my version in the craft towards the same board, or delete the pin entirely after I complete it.

5. A strategy to track trends. On Pinterest, you can have a running feed of the things that everybody inside whole Pinterest world is pinning. When you are doing this, you are able to easily spy trends, commonalities, and inspiration as it jumps derived from one of medium (say, graphic design) to another (like fabric or clothing). I take advantage of Pinterest to help keep before scrapbooking trends.

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