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Button_wikitour_100px.gif After I finished my school in 1990 I had to go in the army where I trained to work in a field hospital. I started working with ITS in 1992 where I was responsible for the Packaging and Materials department. I did several Management and Computer studies that time. ITS was taken over by Nichols Institute Diagnostics where I stayed for a short while. I decided to take the job at US Bioscience where I was hired to build a European Distribution Center. US Bioscience worked at clean room level.

While I was still in my probation time I received an offer of Amgen Europe B.V. ( I decided to take the job and moved to Amgen. At Amgen I had to build a European Package Development department from scratch, I went to the USA to study al the necessary software, hardware and infrastructure and to learn about the Package Development Department on the headquarters of Amgen. I took the knowledge with me to the Netherlands and build the department. I that time I did several different courses and seminars al over Europe.

In 1998 everything was ready and there was nothing left to do so I started Ber|Art Visual Design ( and made designed and developed websites. Soon my customers wanted Hosting as well so I became a hosting reseller next to the design work. I hired a designer so I could learn a bit more about hosting, DNS etc. At this moment we host our own cabinets with collocated, dedicated and production servers. We manage everything ourselves, Switches Firewalls and servers. We host >1300 domain names and we deliver and develop specialized application hosting like osCommerce and Typo3.

In 2004 I started Stichting Hostmerk Nederland and ( and together we build a foundation witch stands for quality. ISP’s can join our foundation by signing and compiling to the codes and regulations we made. This way we try to separate the serious business hoster from the “rest’ It’s like ISO or GMP but then for ISP’s.

Berrie Pelser’s Specialties: 1998-present: Running building and managing my own (Web) Hosting and (Web) Design company Ber|Art Visual Design ( and running Stichting Hostmerk Nederland (

2004-present: Builder, co-founder and board member of Stichting Hostmerk Nederland ( and

2006-present: Moderator on WHT (

More info:

Ber|Art Visual Design is een zakelijke Internet service provider c.q. webhoster die gespecialiseerd is op het gebied van betrouwbare kwaliteit hosting. De onderneming levert, in nauwe samenwerking met partners, oplossingen aan het MKB op het gebied van domein, shared, applicatie en e-commerce hosting als mede managed, colocated server hosting en secure rack hosting. Opdrachtgevers van Ber|Art Visual Design zijn onder meer;,, en en vele andere. Ber|Art Visual Design is opgericht op 1 juni 1998 en gevestigd in Dorst.

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