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Amy Dubin

I'm the owner of Ringleader Communications, which produces creative solutions to business and technical problems on behalf of innovative tech companies in Portland, Oregon. Most companies need help managing their marketing efforts and that's why they call on me. My team can handle anything from tactical pieces like brochures to brand messaging, event planning to direct mail, app development to homepage videos. Let me help you find a quality, cost-effective solution to your current marketing needs today!

Articles I've written

Planning your small business video.

Startups! Startup with a marketing engineer on board.


I had an early interest in ballet, drawing and photography, so my creative pursuits led me to studying Photography and Cinema at Ohio State where I earned my B.A in 1994. My studies focused on video production; in 1996, I moved to New York City and was lucky enough to land a linear editing role in a New York ad agency (MVBMS/Euro). During my tenure of five years there, I became increasingly interested in tea and decided to spend 6 months in India on a self-guided tour to school myself enough to return home and open my own shop. Most of my marketing background is a result of my years with the agency coupled with running my own small business (retail, ecommerce and wholesale). I've been an entrepreneurial Marketing Director since 2008 and am looking to grow my client roster. In my free time, I draw comics, play pool and decorate cakes.


You can leave me a message on my talk page, connect with me on Twitter at 846ccd6cf422489a6efc5302b6c475af.png: @ringleaderpdx or linkedin.