is home of UseModWiki and MeatballWiki.

UseMod: Home of UseModWiki and MeatballWiki

UseModWiki.gif is the home of both a popular wiki engine (UseModWiki) and an active community wiki (MeatballWiki) of people teaching and spreading the use of online tools for community and collaboration.


UseMod is a wiki implementation based on the original concepts created by Ward Cunningham. Developed in 1999-2000 by Cliff Adams in the Perl programming language, UseMod is licensed under the GNU General Public License. Unlike some other popular wiki engines, UseMod pages are stored in "flat-file" databases instead of a relational database such as MySQL or Oracle.

Accoring to Wikipedia[1], while UseMod has fewer features than TWiki or MediaWiki, it is probably the most popular wiki engine in terms of numbers of wikis using it's software thanks in part to it's relatively low computing power requirements. houses the (UseModWiki), which is an opportunity to test the UseMod implementation as well as a forum for information about the software, support and a repository for suggestions for future improvements.

Additionally, is the home of MeatballWiki, a community wiki.


Although they are run on the same Internet domain, MeatballWiki is not part of the forum for UseModWiki. Founded in 2000 by Sunir Shah, MeatballWiki started as a place to have discussions about Wiki in a place outside of the original WikiWikiWeb located on Ward Cunningham's This was to prevent "Wiki on Wiki" discussions on WikiWikiWeb.

The community at MeatballWiki is a vibrant one, with the intent of helping online communities, culture and hypermedia. They also offer observations about other wikis and online communities. MeatballWiki, being a community about communities has itself become the launching point for other wiki-based projects and is a defacto resource for broader wiki concepts such as TheWikiWay.

One of the key concepts of MeatballWiki is that of BarnRaising -- the community gathering and collectively building towards a specific goal. The idea stems from the thought that it is nearly impossible for one person to build a barn, but through a community actively deciding to take on a specific goal, collaboration happens in ways that make the impossible possible, along the way this provides a social event where in members of a community learn about each other and become friends and really knit together as a community. The concept of "Barnstars" used on MeatballWiki, Wikipedia and many other wikis comes from this as a way of awarding and celebrating individuals within the community who helped with the monumental tasks.

Other Wikis using the UseMod engine has comprehensive list of wikis using the UseMod engine: WikiIndex:UseModWiki


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