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Plastic Tanks, Plastic Buckets, Plastic Bottles and Labware, DVD Cases - United States Plastic Corporation ®


Thank you for desiring to learn more about our Corporation. We take pride in what we do each day to better serve our clients. You might have heard about our unique company structure, something we feel is the most important part of our business. You can learn more about our history by using the link below.

United States Plastic Corporation is located in Lima, Ohio on Interstate 75. It's halfway between Toledo and Dayton in the heart of Industrial America where 75% of the population in the United States is within 650 miles. United States Plastic Corp. manufactures and distributes some 23,000 plastic and safety items serving over 85,000 clients operating in a factory five acres under roof.

Our major product is manufacturing plastic tanks, the distribution of bottles, carboy and plastic containers. This also includes plastic sheet, rods, tubes, flexible tubing and thousands of plastic fittings.

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