GAURI No 1,Crescent Park Street, T.Nagar, Chennai-600017 Phone : 91-44-24341055, 24322591 GAURI (Guna Associates in Urogynecology & Research for Incontinence) is the first continence and pelvic health centre in India. At GAURI, you can find the help you need for yourself or a loved one. The centre offers state-of-the-art care for women with bladder control and support problems, including all resources necessary for effective diagnosis and treatment. The expert staff at the continence centre specialize in medical, non-invasive and minimally invasive management of urinary and faecal incontinence. Consultations and second opinions are provided, along with testing of bladder dysfunction problems.

Following diagnosis, the center offers non-surgical as well as surgical treatment options in its urogynecology / reconstructive pelvic surgery clinic. Treatment options range from effective new medications to pelvic floor physiotherapy including biofeedback, collagen injections, sling procedures and grafts for advanced pelvic organ prolapse.

The centre's physicians participate in multiple clinical research studies, facilitating access to the latest technology and up-to-the-minute medical information within the urogynecology field. Most surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis at the centre.


Excerpted from the website description:

Disorders of the bladder and bowel as well as sexual dysfunction are common in adult women. While most of these ailments are not life threatening, they severely impair Quality of life (QOL) in the affected. As the aging population grows, thanks to advances in health care, prevalence of pelvic organ dysfunction also increases. Women are increasingly less willing to accept incontinence or prolapse as a normal part of ageing Expectations for a high quality of life, have led to greater public awareness and help seeking behaviour among women in the west. Sadly, these social albeit health issues are swept under the bed in our country.

Why talk about a new specialty now? Well, demographics of our current population trends reveal a staggering 25-70% of adult women suffering from urinary incontinence and a further 20% from genital prolapse. Also 11% have a lifetime risk of undergoing surgery for either prolapse or incontinence and of these 30% will have a second surgery within three years. The population of middle aged women amongst whom these problems are common is also on the rise. A new speciality was definitely on the cards to address these issues. Coexistence of dysfunction of urinary and bowel control is a well established fact and hence treating pelvic floor problems was a challenge. Traditionally, clinicians who address these problems are Urologists, Gynecologists or Colorectal surgeons. Fragmentation of health care duties among these specialists led to significant gaps in providing comprehensive treatment for pelvic floor dysfunction. This led to patients being subjected to serial surgeries because of lack of identification of problems in an adjacent organ system of the pelvic floor. To give an example: A woman who has uterine descent could also have urinary leakage which involved the bladder. The subspecialty of Urogynecology and Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery was born out of the necessity to address these issues comprehensively. Having substantiated the need for Urogynecology it is important to note that a pelvic floor team is required to address all pelvic floor problems. A Colorectal surgeon, A Sexual dysfunction specialist, A Gastroenterologist, A Physiotherapist and A Continence nurse are all part of the pelvic floor team. Urinary incontinence and or pelvic organ prolapse greatly impair quality of life and should not be tolerated as a normal process of aging. Women should come out of the closet and seek help, as this wonderful speciality is now available.



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