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About UrduFans.com

Here you can get and share links of urdu novels or upload novels if you have any. A Brief Back Ground

Urdufans.com is a community based site working for the Urdu language. The site was founded in 2008. Since then it has become a major platform where Urdu lovers from all over the world have joined their hands together for sharing the best of Urdu literature. Urdufans.com is non-advertising, non-profitable, Free for users, Urdu Based community World Wide. Users can interact, can share there knowledge and spend there leisure time in a family provided environment!!


Urdufans.com has recently upgraded its software to a subscribed one in order to get an edge over the older software which was a free one. Now Urdufans.com has not only got the new out let but it can also cater a large number of users with out interruptions.


Urdufans.com has a complete set of dedicated staff members who work voluntarily for the progress and uplift of the Urdu.

Staff Members Hierarchy Follows the order

  • 1. Site Founder,Administrator, Web Master
  • 2. Co. Administrator
  • 3. Super Moderator
  • 4. Moderators (More then one)
  • 5. Designers (More then one)
  • 6. Writers (More then one)
  • 7. Missionary Members (More then one)

The Site is divided into following sections: -

There are many sub-sections under these categories.


Staff Members & Members of urdufans.com have collected many valuable and rare books of Urdu literature and their number is increasing day by day. Staff members are fully devoted to their mission.

A huge colection of books can be downloaded and read online at the site. This includes the most popular work of

  • Ishtiaq Ahmad
  • Mazhar Kaleem
  • Ibn-e-Safi
  • Umaira Ahmed
  • Tariq Ismail Sagar
  • M. A. Rahat
  • Naseem Hijazi
  • Mohi-Ud-Din Nawab
  • Shafiq-ur-Rehman
  • Mustansar Hussain Tarar
  • Ishtaq Ahmed
  • Aleem-Ul-Haq Haqi
  • Farhat Ishtaq
  • Dr. Younas Butt

and many more popular and some what popular writers also fall in here.

Some all time favourite series like

  • Imran Series (Ibn-E-Safi , Mahzar Kaleem)
  • Jasoosi Duniya (Ibn-E-Safi)
  • Devta
  • Kaala Jadoo
  • Baazi
  • Shikari
  • Shoki Brother Series
  • Amber Nag Maria
  • Poetry Book (Funny , Poetry Books)

and a huge number of books available at Urdufans.com .

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