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This is free image hosting. You click the browse button, select a picture on your computer, and click upload. We'll store your image online, give you a URL you can access it at, share it with friends, and post it on forums. Yes, it's 100% free. HOWEVER, this service is not meant for hosting all the images on your website. It is for people without websites or that don't want to use their own web space to share images. If you use our service to host many images on an active website, we will delete the images.

You can upload gif,jpg,png images. Your images should have the correct extensions, and the filenames should not include spaces or invalid characters.

We'll host any image you have the legal rights to use, except for adult or pornographic images. Anything illegal in nature, or an image you don't have rights to, will be deleted and your IP address turned over to the authorities.

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