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UpNorth Services Incorporated was founded in Brooklyn during the spring of 2002. Our mission is to provide continual support through a variety of services to families and friends of incarcerated individuals. With humble beginnings, our company has strived to maintain a devoted closeness with our customers and remain sensitive to the difficult situations they maybe enduring. Our business is to facilitate the packaging and shipment of consumer products that specifically adhere to New York State Correctional directives. We have developed a sophisticated system that makes it easy for friends and family to send inmates support packages easily via the internet and traditional mail/fax correspondence. In addition to assisting the public we help streamline facility package room processing by reducing the stress caused by inadmissible goods and contraband.

UpNorth Services is committed to staying current with individual facility requirements and changes to state directives. Our objective is to remain knowledgeable of these changes, proactively take steps to improve our services and help to make sure that no package goes undelivered. We understand very well how challenging supporting an incarcerated loved one can be, so we are here every step of the way to provide services that benefit both you and the inmates.

Our database tracks the monthly weight of all food items ordered from our site, helping to eliminate confiscation of food items that exceed monthly weight limits.

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