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Save the date: 9-11 July 2010. Conference 2010

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JohnInnit.co.uk posts the Free the Blackadder One! on Facebook.com Streik.tv in Germany or UnionReps.org.uk



I was a union organizer from 1994 to 2006 - the first part as a member organizer in my grocery store UFCW.org. Second part as a paid staffer AFT.org. It was in the Detroit area and I was always frustrated about the lack of organization between unions and locals and members.

I discovered wiki in January 2002 and was very excited about it's potential use in organizing people and issues in the union movement. Alas, the union movement moves kinda slow :-) I was at a labor tech meeting in SF in Nov 2006 and they were just starting a blogspot weblog.

So introducing wiki has been slow - best example is this so far: CGEU wiki

The reason I moved to Portland, was to help with a startup business venture - it was based off some of my ideas, and taken way further than I imagined.

I would like to create an open directory of all unions and locals, such that when I want to find what union locals are in my area, I can, or if I want to find all IBEW locals in Oregon, I can - that is the first step, basic open directory. Second step is to get contracts online where possible, third step.... whatever organically comes from there. ~~ MarkDilley


Introduction of the idea of this UnionWiki as a place to begin to have a conversation of what a UnionWiki is or can be. He is a strong advocate of OpenEdit wiki technology, because it is a community solution, not a technological one. But there are technological parts to a wiki. The first one, is that you have to click "edit" and type words and save. Please try that at the Sandbox. ~~ MarkDilley

Labor Film Database - organized by date

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Union Demotivators Meme

Original weblog post - Demotivator Generator

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Main Project on AboutUs

From LaborHeritage.org - inventory of union historical markers

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Is the internet the future of trade unionism?

Fun: Beard of Organized Labor in pop culture.

AboutUs the wiki

AboutUs is a wiki whose goal is to create a free and valuable Internet resource covering many different topical areas. Unlike most traditional wikis which start with a single blank page, AboutUs was prepopulated with information about many different websites, giving users a headstart in creating special interest areas.



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Excellent idea! ~ Elisa

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