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World Online Expo Expose Your Products Worldwide. Universe Net Group Limited' is a subsidiary company of Universe Holdings Limited. Registered in Hong Kong, we are a website company for global trading. For synchronizing with the worldwide publishing project of the series of World Trade Directory and World Chinese Trade Directory of our sister company, Universe Publishing Group Limited, Uinfo.net is constructing a databank which compiles with the essence of the above series, reserving information from more than eighty businesses around the world. Our database is a worthy steppingstone to all enterprises for getting a post in the global market, expanding and developing the imports and exports of your products. In compliance with the needs of our valuable clients, Uinfo.net presents web page advertisement to our members by various service plans. These plans are effective for launching and further developing your businesses. China Social Sciences Press and Universe Publishing Group Limited have published six fascicles of World Trade Directory and four fascicles of World Chinese Trade Directory in China and Hong Kong respectively in September 2004. The six English fascicles of World Trade Directory are 'Telecommunication Products', 'Electronic Products', 'Electronic Parts', 'Toys', 'Footwear', and 'Garment'; whereas the four Chinese fascicles of World Chinese Trade Directory are 'Telecommunication Products', 'Telecommunication Accessories', 'Electronic Products', and 'Electronic Parts'. The fascicles introduce more than 2000 enterprises of production, import trade wholesalers and chain-store retailers of the above named businesses from sixty countries around the world. Valuable information such as the name of the company, contact person, office address, telephone number, website URL, e-mail address and types of products are listed.Universe Net Group Company Limited leads by an expert team of brilliant personnel from IT technicians to marketing executives. We hold the competitive edge in the worldwide internet advertising industry. Uinfo.net is experienced in the needs of our clients. We are keen on searching and matching trading partners for our clients and serving them to develop their global market efficiently.As the world economy is going to be globalized and the rapid growth of the China economy will soon synchronize with the pace of the global market, world trading becomes more and more significant and popular. Those purchasers and vendors of the correlative enterprises urgently need the internet services such as that of Uinfo.net to help them searching for trade partners from worldwide. These services also highly enhance the future development of those businesses. The series of World Trade Directory and World Chinese Trade Directory and the Uinfo.net are surely the finest solutions to fulfill your need.As the concept and the pattern of consumption have been changing everywhere, our company is going to set up a global shopping network. It mainly serves those customers who would like to purchase copies of World Trade Directory, World Chinese Trade Directory, and the electronic books, electronic products, telecommunication products, etc. of our brands. We also act as an agent of worldwide electronic and telecommunication products.


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