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Carl's interest in health and physical fitness began in 1961 when he scored excellent in President John F. Kennedy's fitness test for Junior High students. In Junior High and High School he competed in track and field and was on the swim team. "Indirectly, J.F.K. was instrumental in my becoming aware of the importance of taking care of my body. Thank you John Kennedy."

Since that time he has been active in competitive sports and dedicated to health and fitness in varying degrees of obsessiveness. In 1969 he started competing in AAU Olympic weightlifting and bodybuilding. In college he was captain of the weightlifting team and on the soccer team. His dedication to good health led him to help others acheive better lifestyles and well being. He taught health and fitness at the college level. He also worked as a rehabilitative specialist for State Farm Insurance , is a certified trainer and managed health clubs.

In the early seventies, he was a distributor for Herbal Life. "I learned alot from Herbal Life. I always wanted to find supplements that were more synergistically formulated, more economical and with a more holistic blend than Herbal Life. Now I have."

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With new weight loss products appearing on store shelves every day, it can be almost impossible to determine which products are as effective as they claim, and which are just hype. The Ultimate Diet Energizer Product, or UDEP, promises to boost energy levels and help dieters to drop pounds safely and efficiently. In addition, the manufacturer also claims that this product will detoxify the body and reduce water retention. Although this product contains a number of herbs that have been shown to be quite effective; however, it also contains some ingredients that may cause problems for some individuals.

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Some of the main active ingredients in UDEP are: Chromium Picolinate, which enhances insulin’s effect on the body, improving the absorption of glucose, and maintains healthy insulin levels; Garcinia Cambogia, which may help to metabolize fat and carbohydrates; Grape Seed Extract, which may help to regulate the body’s pH balance and fight infection; Bladderwrack, a sea plant that may stimulate the thyroid; Cayenne Pepper, which may have some unique metabolic and thermogenic properties; Echinacea, which may help to strengthen the immune system; Fo-Ti, an herb used as a rejuvenating tonic in Traditional Chinese Medicine; Ginkgo Biloba as an antioxidant; Gotu Kola to help flush out toxins; antioxidant Green Tea Extract. Guarana Extract to increase energy and curb appetite by delaying gastric emptying; Hawthorn Berry Extract, which has been used to protect the hart from free radical damage; MaHuang, also known as ephedra, which helps to burn fat boost the metabolism; Nigelia Sativa, which helps to improve circulation; Reishi Mushroom to detoxify; Selenium as an antioxidant; Siberian Ginseng, to help the body cope with mental and physical stress; and White Willow Bark, to extend or increase the activity of thermogenic ingredients.

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