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University of Florida, popularly known as the UF is the largest and the most comprehensive research University in the State. The word comprehensive is used to denote a wide array of academic programs relating to really diverse academic fields. It is a public, land- grant University and the oldest in the State. UF belongs to the Association of American Universities.

As of today, UF is one of the 5 largest universities in the US with about 46, 000 students. It started its journey officially on 26th of Sept, 1906, with 102 students. However, prior to that, in 1853 the state-funded, East Florida Seminary, merged with the Kingsbury Academy in Ocala, and this institution shifted base to Gainesville in 1860. This institution was later brought together with Florida Agricultural University in Lake City and in 1905, by the power of legislation, was conferred the status of a full University and base was permanently set up at Gainesville. The UF officially began accepting women students from the year 1947.

University of Florida is spread over 2000 acres of campus with over 900 buildings. The North-East corner of the campus has been demarcated as a historic district on the National Register of Historic Places.

UF has 16 colleges and about a 100 research bureaus and institutes. There are about 100 undergraduate majors offered by the University. The UF Graduate School offers close to 200 programs. There is a comprehensive list of professional degree programs like medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, law etc, on offer as well.

Academic Programs

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Some of the undergrad majors on offer are advertising, accounting, aerospace engineering, anthropology, architecture, art history, Asian studies, botany, business administration, general studies, chemical engineering, creative photography, criminology, computer science, dance, digital arts and sciences, economics, English, environmental engineering, family, youth and community sciences, food science and human nutrition., French, geography, geological sciences, health science, history, interior design, Jewish studies, journalism, management, linguistics, nursing, philosophy, physics, Russian etc.

Masters Programs or graduate programs are also offered in a variety of subjects. Master of agribusiness, master of agriculture, master of architecture, master of arts, master of fine arts, master of engineering, master of health administration, master of building construction, master of fisheries and aquatic sciences, master of interior design, master of music, master of laws in taxation, master of occupational therapy, master of science, master of women studies are some of the programs offered with various sub-specialties.

Student Programs

The University of Florida has a number of student organizations pertaining to various interests, be it cultural, professional, educational, ethnic, political etc. These student bodies arrange for activities that, students can take part in order to make their stay in the university more enriching.

The UF housing department assists graduate and undergrads in finding off-campus or on-campus accommodation. The UF arranges for social and cultural programs for its on-campus residents for a more fulfilling experience.

There are orientation programs arranged for graduate students at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters to get them acquainted with the policies and facilities of the University of Florida.





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