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Since it was built in the 1890’s, the University of Chicago has proven to be an exception campus for education. It has been held in high regard to the fine programs it offers, and many other colleges and universities around the world have attempted to follow in their footsteps. They have been recognized for having many of the very top ranking teachers and professors on their campus providing amazing teaching techniques for a variety of learning environments. The University continues to strive to excel academically, and with meeting the individual needs of each student.


The University of Chicago was established in 1890 under the guidance of the Baptist Education Society. Funding for the university was provided by John Rockefeller, a wealthy oil tycoon. He proudly boosted that the university was his greatest investment ever. The goal of the University of Chicago was to offer students with Liberal Arts opportunities combined with Graduate Research.

The University of Chicago was one of the first to provide students with the opportunity to attend classes all year long and to graduate at various times rather than one ceremony per year. The university also welcomed students who were not of the Baptist Faith and opened its doors to allow women and minorities to enter. This was a historic step as most excellent colleges and Universities were still not allowing many women or minorities to enter.


Most students attending the University seemed to enjoy the curriculum and have plenty of opportunities relating to their education and social activities. The media was drawn into a battle that took place on campus in the 1990’s as students protested the undergraduate programs available. The University was dedicated to satisfying the needs and wants of the students and came through with a whole new curriculum design by 1998. The focus remains interdisciplinary education but it also offers more in the areas of foreign language studies and cultural studies.


The number of facility members is 2,160 with more than 4,000 undergraduates and 9,000 graduate students in attendance. This 211 acre campus offers A 12 member committee determines who gets in and who doesn’t. According to a report by Newsweek, there are seven times more applications received each year than available slots. They have a very unique and thorough admissions screening that looks at more than just high school transcripts. They take a look at the person, their passions, leadership skills, motivation, and their educational merits. This selection process has lead to the very best applicants being able to get one of the best educations available.


The list of individuals who completed their education at the University of Chicago and went on to accomplish huge feats is very lengthy. Among them are Tetsuya Fujita who developed the measuring scale we use today to for tornados known as the F-Scale and Dr. Charles Higgins who introduced hormone treatment as an effective option for prostate and breast cancer. There have been 70 former students of the University of Chicago who have won a Nobel Peace Prize.

National Rankings

Anyone who is skeptical about the quality of the education obtainable from the University of Chicago only has to take a look at the National rankings. Out of the 18 programs offered, 5 of them rank #1, and 13 of them are ranked in the top 10 for that category. Of those 13 programs, 5 of them are in the #2 position with hopes that they will soon move into the #1 spot. When you consider they are running against contends including Berkley, Yale, and Harvard, that is quite an accomplishment to rave about.




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