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University of California Santa Cruz is one of the best universities in the United States with an admirable academic record. The university has been widely acknowledged for its achievements in the field of education and transformation. It offers a conducive and congenial environment to the scholars hailing from all over the world. The university offers a wide range of programs including undergraduate programs, graduate programs, doctoral and masters programs in a variety of disciplines. It has an excellent research cell. The faculty is world class and the university has got many awards and accolades from the international community making it a global university.


The UC Santa Cruz has a diverse set of programs in various disciplines to offer to the 15,000 students that it has in its campus. The university offers graduate, undergraduate, masters and doctoral programs. The undergraduate programs consists of 62 majors, the graduate programs are extendible to masters degrees, doctoral degrees and the certificate programs in about thirty three fields of study. The university has a total of 62 majors, 31 minors and 56 certificate courses in all the major fields of study like science humanities, engineering etc in the undergraduate program whereas the graduate degree program covers 32 different disciplines of study and the university has around 1,350 students who after their graduation go ahead and pursue master's degree, certificate degrees or doctoral degrees.

Awards and honors

The UC Santa Cruz has won many accolades for its academic and cultural advancements which truly makes it an international institute of repute. The university has been ranked fifteenth when sixty elite universities of the United States were surveyed for its graduate students pursuing doctorate programs after their graduation. The UC Santa Cruz has been recently ranked to be the top college for excellent research work in physics, it has also come up to be the 6th largest green power purchaser among other universities of the nation, and the faculty and staff were honored by the alumni association of the university. Thus the recognition earned by the university makes it one of the most sought after universities in the United States.

Faculty and staff

UC Santa Cruz has an excellent group of experienced faculty and staff members in its campus. The faculty serving the academy of science is ten in number, nineteen members in the American academy of arts and sciences and the medicine department consists of two faculty members. The university also has to its credit the presence of two renowned professors from the University of California have been honored. The university has a dedicated group of staff members involved in the participation of Transformation of the information technology services which is aimed at improving the efficiency of the university and lowering the expenditure.


The UC Santa Cruz has earned a reputation for its research works in the international community which makes it a world class university inclined towards academic excellence. The university has been widely acclaimed because of its contributions in the field of research and it has been ranked among the best public research colleges across the globe. The university is a living example of a combination between excellent research work and quality teaching. Thus the research works of the university puts the university apart from the usual average universities of United States.

Student’s life

The UC Santa Cruz offers a very exciting and challenging student life. It aims not only at enhancing the academic potential of its students but also their inter-personal skills by various extracurricular activities like dance, drama, music, sports etc. One such event that brings people from all over the world is the Shakespeare Santa Cruz in the summer festival that stages plays by professionals. There are courses and conferences for both the teachers as well as the students. Thus the campus life is not monotonous, it is rather interesting.


Thus UC Santa Cruz is an institution par excellence and draws students from all over the world because of its academic and intellectual excellence. a student is certainly going to have an enriching experience being in the campus where learning and entertainment goes side by side.

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