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Tempus Fugit is my personal blog. I pretty much write whatever I want here, so I'm not going to limit myself by giving this blog a specific category. Some weeks, it's all about politics (I lean libertarian). Some weeks, I'm bored of politics, and will just post on internet-related, personal, technology, science, philosophy, humor, or whatever strikes my fance. Feel free to leave a comment if something tickles you the right or wrong way. Go check out the rules if you are unsure as to how to behave when leaving comments.

If comments for an entry have been closed, you may contact me via e-mail, but do not attempt to post a comment under another entry.

Please do not send me Trackbacks without providing a link to the entry you are referencing. Any Trackback sent that do not have a valid link will be automatically deleted, and you'll probably be auto-blacklisted too. So don't do it.

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