Tsgnet.com Is about The Summit Group's Exclusive Training Website.

The Summit Group

TSGNet.com is a Watkins Training Centre website provided to all members of the Summit Group. To gain membership, you must sign up as Watkins Associates from a Watkins Associate who is part of the Summit Group.

The Summit Group is an organization of thousands of Watkins associates from across North America. Summit Group associates build their Watkins businesses in a way that focuses on having fun, helping friends, creating wealth, and reaching dreams.

The Summit Group provides specialized training and support to help you reach your personal goals with your Watkins business. So, even though you will be your own boss, you’ll have us (as your sponsors) and the full support of the Summit Group that you can look to for answers, advice, and encouragement.

You’ll certainly be able to communicate with the leaders above you in the organization (who are called your upline), but it doesn’t stop there. You will have access to the exclusive Summit Group training and business building system that has been proven to create lifelong, residual income in the fastest way possible.

Here’s what the Summit Group system includes:

- Online Business Building System - You will have access to the Summit Group’s proprietary online lead generation and business building system.

- Training Guides - You’ll have access to short, concise training guides including the Quick Start Guide which will teach you exactly what to do in the first days and weeks of your business to get off to a fast start.

- Exclusive Private Internet Training Site (tsgnet.com) - Access training and other resources from your home computer. Ask questions and participate in a Summit Group-only message board.

- Exclusive Business Building Tools - Proven, effective, low cost business building tools, such as a brochure that contains the information you’re reading now, are available to help you explain the Watkins business opportunity to others.

- Training CDs - Detailed training on various aspects of building a Watkins business including prospecting, presentations, training, self-improvement, and follow-through.

- Live Conference Call Training - Regular interactive conference calls, bringing together experienced leaders to help teach you exactly how to build your business.

- Weekly E-Mail Hotline - A short e-mail message that brings you up-to-the-minute details on company news and programs, Summit Group updates, as well as providing additional training.

- Regional Seminars - You will have the opportunity (but never an obligation) to attend live training events that are specifically designed to help you achieve the most out of your business. You will have the opportunity to learn from and interact with the most successful and experienced Watkins leaders.

- Coaching - Your sponsor and other upline mentors are available to coach you as you grow your business. They want you to succeed because their income is partially based on your success—a win-win situation!

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