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Trulia is a residential real estate search engine that helps consumers search for homes for sale, trends, neighborhood insights and other real estate information directly from hundreds of thousands of real estate broker Web sites. You can create your own custom search by price, number of bedrooms, neighborhood and more - without having to submit a lead form, provide personal information or wait to get contacted by a lead qualifier who may not handle the property listing.

We believe that information about properties, local neighborhoods, agents and brokers should be made freely available to everyone, regardless of status, connections, race, means, location or education. We are also convinced that the right information and the right real estate professional will help you find your dream home.

Trulia was founded in San Francisco in 2005 by Pete Flint and Sami Inkinen with the vision of providing consumers an easy way to access credible, unbiased real estate information online using a simple, intuitive Web interface. Trulia is solidly backed by Accel Partners.

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