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An African Art Paintings online gallery store, True African has 425 original African Paintings by 40 African Artists. With a Lowest Price Guarantee and worldwide shipping from the New York City area, they are one of the best African Art websites to find original, quality African Paintings at a fair price. Their video interviews with the actual artists are filmed on location in Africa where they source all their paintings. With customer service that you expect and deserve and secure purchasing options, True African is the new pioneer in buying African Art online.       

African Artist Chagwi
True African is owned by Gathinja Yamokoski, a Kenyan who has lived in America since 2002. Gathinja is married for nine years now to an African-American citizen. They both love Africa and Kenya and keep in touch with family and friends there on a weekly basis and regularly visit the continent. Gathinja is also an artist and is one of the 45 African Artists featured on the website.

True African employs a small staff of people who live in Africa. This staff sources artists and galleries, buys directly from them, and delivers the paintings to near New York City, where Gathinja lives and where True African is based. All paintings ship for free from the New York City area to all worldwide destinations.

The purpose of the website is to provide quality Original African Artworks for sale at the guaranteed lowest prices on the Internet. Gathinja and her staff therefore know most of the artists personally and are in constant contact with them. The artists sell at fair prices so that their paintings can be sold at fair prices and so that, like so many other art websites do with their goods, their work is not exploited. When the paintings sell on the site, the staff is able to purchase more paintings so that our African Artists are supported and their quality of life and affirmation of their talent is enriched.

African Artist Maryann Muthoni's "Blue Day"
True African contains many kinds of paintings among their 425 in stock: abstract, realistic, children's paintings, wildlife paintings, tribal paintings, and landscapes, to name a few. Their African staff hand picks only the best of the bunch and has researched the artists and their works in order to provide the best quality choices of African Art Paintings for its online gallery store.

On many of our Artist's webpages you can watch exclusive video interviews of our African Painter Artists made on the scene in Kenya, East Africa. These videos not only show you that we know our Artists personally, but they also let you get up close to the people and culture that make the Black Art Paintings you love.

Wycliff Ndwiga's "Leopard on the Move"
Finally, the website has first hand biographical information on most of its African Artists. This also lets you get to know the person and message behind any African painting you buy online.

With secure on site purchasing options and Pay Pal for both USA and worldwide users, True African is the new pioneer in buying African paintings online. Should you have any questions or correspondence on our African Art or in general, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime at our e-mail of or call us direct at 1.914.602.8037. Thank you.

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