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Trinity College OF Biblical Studies

Trinity College of Biblical Studies is a tuition free online Bible College located 2 miles east of Holland, Michigan. It was founded in 1995 as Trinity School of Theology and later changed to Trinity College of Biblical Studies.

Majors offered

To accompany the growth, there is an increasing number of majors offered. As a Bible college, each student is required to major in Bible, with a second major (Church History, Preaching) or specialty (Youth Ministry, Children's Ministry) to accompany the Bible program. Bachelor/Master/Doctorate in church history, biblical archaeology, counseling, theology, Bible History are available.

Graduates from Trinity College of Biblical College go on to do a wide variety of service in the name of Christ. Many preach, teach, serve the local church, and serve on the mission field.

Additional Information

Student life

Students have an online chapel for meditation and prayer. They also have a full online library where they can study.All primary textbooks needed by the students have been developed and placed online. They do not have to buy any textbooks and spend time hunting for them in inaccessible libraries. Mentorship is also a big part of student life at Trinity College of Biblical Studies. A mentor is assigned to students so they are able not only to learn but to grow and mature as a Christians.




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