provides mass transit (including light rail) to Portlanders.


TriMet is the public agency behind the mass transit system of the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. Created in 1969, TriMet operates the region's buses and streetcar system in addition to its innovative light rail system.

TriMet's website has an amazing trip planner to plug in where you want to go and it will give you multiple options just like if you were buying a plane ticket. You can also check when a bus or Max will arrive in real time via TriMet's TransitTracker. On TriMet's site you can also find standard things like fares, a stop or station, and maps and schedules. You can even purchase your ticket ahead of time right from the site.

TriMet's Max Light Rail and Streetcar lines (as of 12/09) See full interactive map, look at bus lines

In 1986 TriMet started operating Max Light Rail.

In the last decade TriMet has gotten in the habit of adding new lines every few years. Today not only is downtown Portland well connected, but there are major lines extending to North Portland and far two the west (Beaverton and Hillsboro) and east (Gresham). Long-range transportation planning (like where to build a new Max line) comes from the regional government body, Metro.


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