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How We Became a Search Engine Blog

Traffick began in 1998 as a humble "guide to web portals" called PortalHub, the brainchild of web developer Cory Kleinschmidt (please don't use to see what it used to look like). These were the days when the stock prices of Yahoo and Excite would leap by $20 in a single day.

We knew that we were in store for great things, but no one knew exactly how it would unfold. Portals were creating useful tools that were allowing people to communicate, to learn and to conduct research in new and magical ways. Oh, and did I mention that everything was free?

In early 1999, Cory met Andrew Goodman, and the two decided to reinvent PortalHub with a snappier name, and was born. Why Traffick? Back then, as it is now, the most trafficked sites were the big players that we studied and thought would revolutionize the world of information. Web traffic, sometimes measured in the now-archaic term "eyeballs," were the currency of the New Economy, as was giddily chronicled by burgeoning print magazines like the Industry Standard.

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