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We The Professional Couriers (TPC) are proud to introduce ourselves as one of the leading courier companies which is capable of providing exemplary service throughout the country and abroad in any terrain and under any condition, made possible by the dedication of several hundred professionals who are trained to do the specified job in an outstanding fashion. This has taken our company hundred folds in service as well as network which no other company in this industry can boast off. Praises have been thrown lavishly on us by our customers for the impeccable service provided by us. This itself shows the dimensions this company has created in customer satisfaction and standard which it has set for the others in this industry to follow.

The group has the best of the best brains from industry on advisory council to keep all the systems working towards the goal of continuous process improvement. Network supervision is carried out by all hub center in-charges with a well planned, co-coordinated transport system of vans, bus, train and air couriers inter connecting all destinations. All the latest electronic information systems like pagers, trunk radios, cellular phones etc., are being used to yield greater operational efficiency and high productivity. This in essence has helped TPC to recast our operations to better standards so as to cater to "A Wide Range of Customers' Growing Needs " in delivering their consignments more and more safely at an optimum cost with a higher efficiency at greater performance levels. There is a consistent effort to keep up-to-date with the latest technological developments in our industry and convert them into meaningful product inputs and turnout as leaders in this industry in the years to come.

It was started initially with 7 offices in India. Its organisation paved the way for a reliable and economically affordable express courier services which was considered a luxury in India prior to it's birth.

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