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Why do some people's puppies cost more than others? Consider what you are paying for a puppy, who ever you purchase it from. The breeder is not making a 100% profit from the puppy, or are they? We have to care for our adult dogs their entire lifetime. It may cost a lot, or for some people, not much of an investment. Also there is the cost that comes with raising your puppy. Our dogs are our pets and we take every effort to make sure they are happy and healthy. Shots, toys, treats, clean blankets and living area, food, paperwork expense, and the time and effort taken to make sure that all possible hazzards are avoided. As well as regular vet check ups and dental cleaning. Not to mention the time involved in each task, not everyone is that way. If you find a puppy that is priced conciderably less than most, ask yourself why. It is probably that the owner hasnt invested a lot of money or effort to raise them, or they are desperate to get rid of the puppy for some reason. Poor quality perhaps. If that is the kind of puppy you are willing invest in, thats your choice and its your gamble. But if you are looking for a quality puppy, from a reputable breeder, expect to pay what the puppy is worth. You get what you pay for. There are good reputable breeders out there. Experience and integrity are priceless, and sometimes hard to come by. If you would like us to recomend or give references on another breeder, we will be happy to as long as it is someone we know of.
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