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Shalom, and welcome to the Project Genesis Web Site -- your Torah Cyberspace Center! Via the Internet we're reaching thousands each week with our Jewish educational material, and we hope that our range of Torah archives, and our popular e-mail classes will meet your interests. Happy Exploring!

Project Genesis promotes further Jewish education about our Jewish roots, as represented in Jewish sources. Project Genesis believes that this is the best way to restore self-respect, self-confidence, and an interest in our own continuity, among modern Jewish collegiates and unaffiliated Jews worldwide. Project Genesis works to establish a strong Jewish identity, expand Jewish knowledge, and encourage its participants to become more involved with Judaism and the Jewish community.

Project Genesis has found great success with its network of "on-line classes" -- a unique program in Jewish studies offered on the Internet. The Project Genesis Global Learning Network has attracted college students and others from around the world who are interested in adding computer-based Jewish learning to their day. Project Genesis educational material reaches thousands of Jews worldwide every week.

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