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Feathers : Decorative peacock, ostrich, pheasant, coque, feather trim, feather boas and other feather items from Lamplight Feather


Lamplight Fly and Feather was founded in 1973 by Tony Hill and was based in Alsea, Oregon until about 1995. It is currently located in far northern California in the beautiful Scott Valley, an agricultural region amidst the stunning scenery of Mount Shasta, the Marble Mountains, the Trinity Alps, and the Siskiyou Mountains. Wife Donna joined the firm full-time in January 2003.

Lamplight Feather has been offering prime select decorative feathers since 1973 at such venues as the Oregon Country Fair where we have exhibited for 32 consecutive years. Lamplight has been offering decorative feathers on the internet since November 2002.

We feature peacock eyed feathers, peacock swords, pheasant tail feathers, ostrich feathers and ostrich plumes in dyed and natural, wing quills, feather plumage, strung rooster saddle hackle, schlappen feathers, coque (rooster tail) feathers, fluffy marabou, and other distinctive feathers. Peacock feathers are available in full length, short stalk. They can be natural, dyed from natural, bleached, or dyed over bleached. Ostrich feathers are available in standard and specialty lengths in natural, bleached, and dyed as are our ostrich wing plumes. We have a large variety of top quality pheasant tail feathers from the golden pheasant, lady amherst feasant, ringneck, and other pheasants. Recently added have been the spectacular reeves pheasant tail feathers that range up to five feet in length. Our strung feathers and loose plumage includes feather trim and fringe, saddle hackle, guinea, pheasant, marabou, schlappen, coque and others.

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