Toilet and bathroom accessories.




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Toiletta toilet tool was created to unclog toilets without plunger or snake related damage or mess. Toiletta prevents overflows saves, water, electricity associated with pumping water, chemicals used to clean toilets and bathrooms when polluted from sewage by overflows. Toiletta places the burden of overflows on the user who has 3 chances to prevent toilet clogs, before, during or after they flush. Toiletta improves home sanitation, is self cleaning, can be sanitized in seconds, and stored on matching hanger.

Toiletta is a tool that can aid in self diagnose for general colonic health. Toiletta provides user the option to exercise their “First Line of Defense”, “Personal Awareness” related to diet, transit time, and general health, by observation. Personal observation can be translated into medical terms that can be exchanged with healthcare providers. Ref. Merck Medical Information, Nutritional Healing by Phyllis Balch CNC and Dr. James Balch MD, and Healthy Healing by Linda Page Ph.D... Toiletta can help to determine health problems associated with digestive disorders, food allergies, or genetic problems that can be shared with family or medical professionals. Also see Bristol Stool Chart

Toiletta provides emergency option to open clogs, retrieve dropped items, or emergency water restriction “One Flush A Day, Waste Consolidation” rule. Toiletta is handicap friendly, wheelchair accessible, requires one hand use and easy for aging senior. Available in 20 color choice with matching hanger $4.00 plus shipping and handling.

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