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Who would have known that from a small toy shop in Greenhills would spring forth the innovative sports retail chain in the Philippines, by far the leading sports equipment store with the widest network of branches nationwide?

Toby’s is actually the brainchild of Roberto Claudio Sr. who, after having opened a toy store he named after his eldest son in 1978, began to see the potential of sports retailing when his skateboards continued to sell even after the holidays were over.

In 1982, the Greenhills toy shop, which sold mainly Mickey Mouse and other Disney products, was transformed into a sporting goods store that offered a wide array of sports apparel, shoes and accessories. At a time when sports accessories were found in Raon amongst other items, Toby’s has indeed made a mark in the industry as it revolutionized the sporting business with its introduction of a Sports Chain Concept.

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Toby's Sports



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