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DC Area Appeal

Who doesn't love local ghetto commercials from the 80s? And if you lived in the greater metropolitan DC area, you were treated to some the breastest. While we still search the globe for the Citizen Kane of them all, the Jhoon Rhee 'nobody bodder me' one, YouTube has whet my whistle enuff with these fine babies, uploaded spankfully by jcz1978

btw, the Casablanca of local ghetto DC area commercials is the Theatervision one starring Skins hero Joe Jacoby. That one is still lost to the ages...

Crossword puzzles? Who the flip wilson wastes time on dem thangs anymo when Count Suduko dominates the world's free time? Apparently everyone, from your mother, to the milkman yer mother's bonin, to Jonnie Stewart, to the Indigo Dykes (no fences, but thats what I've been calling them since elementary school), to Ken Burns, to even big Bubba himself! Yep, and they all heart the NYTimes' c'words above the rest. And their messiah? The NYTimes' c'word editor Will Shortz, who, at IU, became the world's only degree holder in Enigmatology (and no, he doesn't study how repoopulous Jim Carrey was in Batman Forever as the Riddler/Edward Nygma)! Shortz is also the founder of the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament (think an adult spelling bee), which basically is a once a year safehaven for braniac losers of our fine country to unite and out down and across each other. So of course before we can get to the tourney, we have meet the quirky playas and the people who make their day, the quirky puzzle makers. Sounds purty zzzzzzz inducing, I know, but any fan of crosswords will be kept awake. As for the illiterate haters? Stay de hell away from the theater and beat off to Halo 2 in yer parent's basement. WORD em UP, yo!!

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