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About us: In the fall of 2002 we started making all natural, triple scented soy candles for fall fairs and Christmas bazaars. They were such a hit we decided to started sell them to retailers and directly to the public on our website. One of our customers liked them so much, she aked if we could make all natural soaps to go along with the candles. After much research and plenty of tinkering with recipes we developed an all natural olive oil soap recipe that is too good to be true. It wouldn't be true to say this was a stroke of genius, just a lot of hard work and pure dumb luck. This recipe turned out to be the richest soap we have ever tried and we tried quite a few. I personally make every bar so I know the quality and and care that goes into each batch. Our goal was to make handmade products available to the general public at reasonable prices. We are a small business located in Chicago and we encourage our customers to keep in contact with us. Most of our business growth has come from word of mouth recomendations. We would like to offer many thanks to all of customers for being such strong supporters of our products. We will continue to offer these superior products at prices that allow our customers plenty of margin for resale or just as a plain old bargain to the discriminating consumer. Please feel free to contact us with any comments.
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